"Angie is an absolute asset to her industry and if anyone is thinking of joining an outdoor boot camp for ladies of all ages, mixed ages, shapes and abilities then this group is for you. You will be welcomed with open arms by Angie and the ladies. I am glad to say I've been part of her journey to success".

"A big shout out for Angie Taylor she has given me my confidence back and shows you how exercise can be fun whilst getting you the results. Works to your needs and will constantly check your OK and feel happy with the routine, giving other options if needed. Fabulous hard working instructor who deserves some" recognition".

"Angie Taylor she is just the best. All the sessions are fun full of energy and everyone is made to feel welcome. She really takes the time to get to know everyone. Her classes have helped both my physical and mental health".

"Seeing a picture of all the lovely ladies in December with red faces and huge smiles, I thought I want to feel that good. I felt a part of the crew quite quickly as everyone is so lovely and supportive, I soon cancelled my gym membership's, not going back now".

"I am stronger and fitter than I ever ever thought possible. Thank you Angie for everything".

" I decided to take the first very nervous step and give it a go. A few weeks has turned into two years, this is 100% part of my life now".

" Everyone is so lovely and welcoming, honestly you are so real and authentic that you can make everyone feel welcome and if we fuc up and do our own thing it's part of the fun experience rather than conventional classes where the trainer doesn't even speak to you".

"I have been a regular at Fit for all Wirral for six years and it's been a real game changer for me. Angie delivers different classes and shows everyone feels included and no matter what their fitness level is. I have got fit and made friends for life".