8 Week nutrition course

Are you ready to embark on a journey towards a healthier future, increased your energy levels and take  control of your eating habits. Gain knowledge of what makes a good diet and become a stronger, more vibrant you? Then Look no further! Our 8-Week Nutrition and weight management course is tailor-made for women who want to build sustainable habits, nourish their bodies, and achieve their wellness goals.

What makes this course unique?

Are you tired of one-size-fits-all weight loss programs that leave you feeling frustrated and defeated? Look no further! Our Personalized Weight Management Course is designed to empower you with the knowledge, tools, and support you need to achieve lasting results. Face-to-face learning in a classroom setting, with the benefits from a limited group size.

8 week course 

Tailored to you

We recognize that every individual is different. Our course begins with a thorough assessment of your unique needs, preferences, and lifestyle. Whether you’re aiming for weight loss, maintenance, or overall well-being, we’ve got you covered.

Evidence based approach

Say goodbye to gimmicks and quick fixes. Our curriculum is rooted in scientific research and practical strategies. You’ll learn about the complex factors influencing weight gain, obesity, and sustainable weight management.

Encompassing guidance

Angie will guide you through a number of essential sessions with weekly 1-2-1 catch up. Staying in contact with you throughout the week for extra support.

Personal assessment

Measuring and Assessing Weight: Get hands-on with practical tools for assessing weight and tracking progress.

Weight management

Outcomes Associated with Weight Management: Explore the positive impact of achieving a healthier weight on overall health and well-being.

Lifestyle changes

Healthy Eating, Drinking, and Physical Activity: Discover sustainable habits that nourish your body and promote vitality.

Healthy Learning Environment

Small groups, Face-to-face sessions in a safe, friendly and positive environment, allowing you to learn at your own pace.

Ready to Begin?

Join our community of motivated individuals who are committed to transforming their health. Let’s embark on this personalized weight management journey together!

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