What to expect 

Ignite your fitness journey with our exhilarating outdoor bootcamp sessions designed exclusively for woman! Join Angie for a fun, energy filled workout in the great outdoors, where you'll push your limits, build strength, boost your confidence and leave all your cares behind, in a supportive all female environment. Picture this—Slam balls, battle ropes, and mountain climbers, all set to your favorite '80s power anthems. Here you can giggle and sing your way to achieving your fitness goals without ever feeling judged. You’ll leave feeling like a rockstar.

Ready to take on the challenge? Lets get stronger together! 

All female environment
Sessions designed exclusively for REAL womEn
tone your body and boost your confidence

Ladies: Strong is the new fabulous! Let’s slay those squats, high-five our sweaty palms, and celebrate every drop of determination. See you at bootcamp!

"You will be welcomed with open arms by Angie and the ladies. I am glad to say I've been part of her journey to success". 

"This is 100% part of my life now". 

What are you waiting for?

Taking that first step is the hardest, we understand and we will overcome this.... together!